Thursday, 29 May 2014

Easy mermaid/ wavy hair tutorial. With no heat!

Many time's I've made my hair wavy and curly using the easy method of braiding my hair and leaving it for a couple of hour's or overnight, but this time I wanted it to be less uniform and wavier, so I tried a new method that I thought up myself and with the help of a YouTube video. It turned out really well so I thought I would share it with you!

Step 1:

Your hair can be wet or dry for this, but I think the closer it is to freshly washed, the stronger the results, so I would advise either having wet hair or dampening it first. Then, section the hair into four section's.

{Part it down the middle, like two ponytails, then split each of these in two, going from your ear's to the back of your head. This doesn't need to be neat, in fact, it may be better if it's messy}

Braid each of these section's as far to the end as possible, then tie with either small bobbin's or those little hair elastic's you can get in Claire's. If you have a long tail after the hair bobbin, try twisting it and looping it back into the hair tie to give the ends a wave. 

This was the next morning,  please excuse the mess :)

Step 2:
If you're going to bed, or just hanging around the house, you can just leave your hair like this, or tie up the braid's. I decided to experiment though, so I took each end and pinned them at the opposite side with bobby pin's, in a criss-cross manner, and tucking in each end behind bit's of hair. It kept my hair up all day and it looked really nice too! I might even use that style in future for a day out or even for a formal occasion, though I would do it much neater, it would need clear elastics at the ends and the pin's would need to be hidden.

Step 3:

After leaving it for a few hour's until dry, or overnight, all you need to do is let it down and you're done! You can either brush through the curl's for a softer effect or simply separate the wave's a little for a mermaid effect. Then all you have left to do is style it how you want to! I just straightened my fringe a little and added a floral headband. 

From the back, you can see how parting it into four section's create's higher curls and a less consistent wave

The results!

If you have any question's, please ask. And I would love to know how you got on if you tried this method! 

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