Friday, 4 July 2014

DIY No: 1. Make a loose crop top fit you (no sewing!)

Anyone who know's me, know's I LOVE Batman, so last year I bought a Batman crop top in Penneys (Primark) for €3, but it was a size 18 (I'm a size 8-10.) I bought it because I imagined I could make it fit me somehow, I just never got round to doing that until today. Since crop top's seem to be the BIG THING this season and everyone and their dog is wearing them, I was spurred on to try and sort out the one I have before spending money on one that fit's and still having this one lying in my wardrobe.


To do this, all you need is 5 thing's:

~An oversized crop top (or a loose tshirt, it works the same)
~A scissors
~A top that fits you the way you want the loose one to fit
~A Ruler
~Confidence in cutting up clothes ;)


Lay down your second tshirt on top of the one you want to resize and measure so that there is an even amount of fabric at either side. You can turn your tshirt inside out and mark the inside of it where the second one lie's so that you know how far to cut, or simply keep the smaller tshirt on top of the big one while you work. 


Then, cut horizontally into the tshirt in a straight line (towads the centre) until you have reached the point you have marked. Do this along the length of the tshirt until you reach the bottom so you end up with a series of strips on the side of your thsirt. (These strips can be any width you like and you can measure them to be the same width or just cut them any which way you like. Maybe try having them thicker at the top than the bottom, or try alternating between large and small strips! Let your imagination run wild!)



Repeat this on the other side. You may need to cut the tag off if it's interfering with your wonderful work, so chop that annoying little thing off close to the stitching. 


This bit is both tricky to do on your own and to explain! Make sure it will be tight enough by trying it on and grabbing the inner bits of the strips on either side, if t's still too loose, cut further in on each strip, if its too tight, don't worry your pretty little head, it isn't an issue, you will simply tie your knots further out.


Next, cut each strip in half at the ends.  


Then all you have left to do is tie each strip with a knot at the base and you're done! (If you cut the strips in too far, put the tshirt on and tie the knots where you want them to be. This will add an extra element of being able to see your skin through the knots!)


All that's left to do now is try on your new fitted crop top and admire your fantastic DIY skills! 

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Enjoy cutting up your baggy tshirts! 

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