Friday, 24 June 2016

Hairburst- does it REALLY work?

Well, the short answer (in my opinion) is no. 

Is it worth the small fortune -from €32.49 for 60 capsules (meaning the least you might spend in store for a 3 month supply- the recommended length of time you start taking these for- could be €81.22 if you manage to get one half price) Certainly not for me! 

Ok, now that you know my opinion, lets get some back story here! Hairburst is, and I quote, 
"a premium combination of vitamins, minerals and nutritional supplements designed to help maintain healthy hair. 
Hairburst contains: 
• Collagen and Siliica 
• Biotin 
• Vitamins A, B, C, & D 
• Amino Acids 
• Folic & Pantothenic 
Hairburst is designed to combat the negative impact of poor nutrition, hair products, age and genetics. 
Great hair starts from within, so take Hairburst today to maintain healthy hair* 
*Biotin, Selenium & Zinc contribute to the maintenance of normal hair."

Why am I even taking hair vitamins?
In a nutshell, my hair was ruined. Mainly from bleaching and dying. I look back at old photos of my hair and it was twice as thick and twice as long and it makes my heart sad. I had to cut it from almost elbow length up to my shoulders in October 2014 to get rid of some green ends that refused to be fixed- although admittedly I had been wanting to try short hair for a while. Alas, since then I have regretted it. Short hair is not for me, I feel like I can't do anything with it! So I started changing colours more and more, thinking it's short anyway so I may as well embrace it. I think it's probably been completely bleached about 5 times since then... Once or twice it was a couple of bleach sessions in the same day (professionally- I was working in a salon, DO NOT BLEACH YOUR HAIR AT HOME, KIDS!) So now it's super thin and is currently about 2 inches below my shoulders. When I started taking hair vitamins last September, it was about 1 inch less than this. Since then, I've been trimming it a lot and it's been bleached once, which was after I stopped Hairburst. 


I took Hairburst for 3 months, Feb- April. Just before Hairburst, I was taking Solgar Biotin 5000µg 50 Vegi Capsules for a month. The first month I took Hairburst, there was a noticeable difference in my hair, it felt thicker and the ends felt stronger, but after that, my hair was normal again, so that difference came from the Solgar, not the Hairburst (since it takes a few weeks for the effects of vitamins to become noticeable.) And then for the remainder of the time that I took 2 Hairburst capsules every. single. day. there was no noticeable effect whatsoever. You can imagine my disappointment! I had forked out €81 for this stuff! But now there's nothing to do except go back to the Solgar capsules. (I'm actually trying Perfectil right now, because I got it cheaper, no effects just yet but it can take a few weeks, as I said... but I will return to the Solgar after this.)

I did a lot of research into Hairburst before purchasing it, I read loads of blog posts, watched videos, followed people on Instagram and most of the reviews were singing it's praises, so I though it must be good if it's that expensive and everyone is raving about it! The only downside seemed to be that buying off their website never seems to go well, but I was buying it instore, so I didn't need to worry about tthat! Well, it's not a miracle product- or it isn't for me. So I thought I should put my own experience out there... 
Oh and, FYI, I was (and still am) drinking plenty of water and eating and exercising well when I was taking these, as that's very important for your hair's health too. It was dyed using veggie dies a couple of times and I would have used heat on it about 2 times for the 3 months. So it's not owing to diet, colouring or excessive heat that it didn't work.
 So, long story short, if you want long, luscious locks, I wouldn't recommend this product... I recommend not abusing your hair (HA! I should take my own advice...), regular trims (even just taking a hairdressing scissors yourself and trimming the split ends every once in a while can help! Do not use kitchen scissors however, seriously, they're too blunt and will only make matters worse!) and coconut oil. It's a roaring cliche, yes, but boy does it work! I use it once a week since my last bleach and it has made a huge difference. I used to just rub it between my hands to warm it up, but now I stick it in the  microwave for a bit, even though this supposedly alters the benefits, (I don't see how...) it doesn't for me and it seems to work better than just warming it between my hands. Sometimes though, I'll even just rub a bit into my ends right before a shower, leave it a few minutes and wash it off as usual and this seems to even help!  

So I hope this comes as some benefit to someone, it's so easy to get sucked in and believe products are a miracle worker, but I can tell you from my own genuine experience that this one is far from it. 

Oh, also, they taste like crap and are hard to swallow. :D

My hair in January (excuse my robot face! I have no excuse...): 

And in April: (Best photos I could find, and my hair was wet in this one. Also bear in mind hair grows on average 1/2" a month anyway.)