Monday, 28 July 2014

"Crazy Factory Piercing" Review

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I ordered from Crazy Factory Piercing last week, and boy was I impressed! Here is a quick review, in case you were thinking of ordering from them.

On Monday last week (21/07/14), I ordered a few bit's from Crazy Factory, and the very next day I got an email saying my order had been dispatched! Then, just two day's later (Thursday 24/07/14) my parcel had arrived at my address in Ireland. All the way from their factory in Thailand, to their dispatch centre in Germany and then on to me in Ireland, in just two days is outstanding by anyone's standard's, so I would absolutely recommend them for speed of postage.

What did I order though?! Well, you may or may not know I am stretching my ears- and have been for about a year and a half now (For those of you who aren't aware of what this means- in short it is the process of stretching a piercing to a bigger size in order to have a bigger earring, or plug as they are known for stretched piercing's, in your ear or wherever you might be stretching.) I am currently at my original goal size of 0g or 8mm, but since I got there, I've decided I want to go to 00g or 10mm. It was inevitable I think :P Anyway, in order to stretch from a 8mm to a 10mm without skipping a size and putting my ears through unnecessary trauma, I had to get a 9mm taper and plugs (The kit I got on ebay at the start of my stretching journey skip's 7mm and 9mm) so I ordered a stainless steel taper and two steel tunnels. I also ordered two plug's for my final size of 10mm for when I eventually reach it. 

Taper: €4.20 Link
Steel Tunnels: €5.60 (for two- don't forget to change the quantity if you need two!) Link
Galaxy Plugs: €5.18 (for two) Link

Lightning Bolt Plugs: (Glow in the Dark) €4.90 (for two) Link

I also ordered a gorgeous Hair Flower (Link) and a beautiful Dream-Catcher Necklace! (Link) These were €0.98 and €1.75 respectively. My total order was €22.61.

This is all my order together:

So, I would absolutely recommend Crazy Factory Piercing! The quality isn't as great in the necklace as I'd like, but for less than €2 I don't mind. The rest of the items are all very good quality. So whether you have "normal" ears, stretched ears, lip piercing's, nose piercing's or simply want a necklace, bracelet or hair accessory then check them out! They also have free shipping Worldwide for orders over €20, which is excellent, and if you spend less than that, shipping is calculated by weight (I think) and isn't that pricey either. 

~~~Bonus Tip: If you sign up for their newsletter's, they send you points every month that add up for money off your next order, you also get discount code's sometimes- on this order I got 20% off my total in their summer sale, which brought my order down from €22.61 to €18.63!~~~

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Link to Crazy Factory.

(Disclaimer: These were bought out of my own money and I have absolutely no affiliation with Crazy Factory whatsoever, aside from being a returning customer.)


  1. Do not buy from them, you ll have lot of problems, and they won't refund you

  2. Do not buy from them, you ll have lot of problems, and they won't refund you

  3. DO BUY from them!! As a 9 year old boy who has his ears pierced,I (and my mother) are extremely satisfied with the quality, distinctive/unique and constant supply of new merchandise from which to choose!! Wonderful company...keep up the great work please. Thank you. Best, Julian O'Neill