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Colour B4 success story! From brown to blonde in one step.

This is the story of how I went from a "Semi-Permanent" brown that wouldn't wash out, to a gorgeous natural blonde colour! 

Back in January, I dyed my hair from it's beautiful pastel pink to a semi-permanent brown, in an attempt to let my hair relax and eventually get it back to it's natural state. So I used Clairol's "Nice n Easy" Non-Permanent dye in brown (I can't remember what shade!) over the pink.

The brand of brown dye I used (Image from Google)

From a faded version of this
To this! 

Anyway, I kept this brown in my hair until April- it was fading very slowly even though it was supposed to last just 24 washes and to be honest, I really didn't like it at all. So when it was a light brown, I used a "Garnier Olia" in "Intense Red" that I'd had from last year on top of the brown. All this did was slightly tint the brown with a very light red... This was a permanent Red dye so I expected much more of a tint- not to mention the fact that 2 washes later this red was practically gone altogether! 

The red that I put on top of the brown. (Image from Google)

Now I didn't know what to do- I hated the brown, it was very patchy and not nice to look at, red wouldn't take over it at all and I wasn't about to bleach
it! I spent a week or so hating my hair and yet not knowing how to fix it! Then one day, the solution came to me from YouTube! 
Colour B4!

My hair right before I used Colour B4

(Image from Google)

The next day that I had money, I high-tailed it to my local Boots Store and picked up a Colour B4! I had intended on getting the normal strength but all they had was Extra Strength. It wasn't cheap either- it was €14! But, I couldn't stand the brown any longer, so I bought it and trotted on home. The next day, I followed the instructions and popped it on my hair.

Now, two things, first, I remember this stuff stinking to the high heavens last time I used it a few years ago, so I was prepared this time- bathroom fan was on and windows spread wide- but it smelled fine! Don't get me wrong, it was no summer flowers scent, but it was very bearable! The second thing is that it didn't look like there was much in it, so I was worried it wouldn't cover my whole head, but there was more than enough. In the end I was trying to find spots on my hair to use up the excess! I left it on for the designated time under a plastic shower hat (30 minutes I think, and by this time I could see my hair had turned blonder) and then went and stood for the next 25 or so minutes in the shower, rinsing and buffering and rinsing again (this is the not so fun part, but it's essential to follow the instructions!)

Once the rinsing was all over and done with, I towel dried my hair and was shocked when I looked in the mirror- it was blonde, and a brighter blonde than I ever remember my natural hair being. I was astounded and very happy! 

The resulting colour

It's been a month now since I used the Colour B4, and the initial brightness of the blonde has faded somewhat, perhaps due to my hairs natural oils coming back, but I do have a re-growth at my roots that is darker than the rest, making it look like I've dyed my hair. It also took a while for the smell to go away- it was fine normally but when I wet my hair I could smell it again. 

All in all, I honestly can't believe it worked so well, I had expected my hair to go a gingery colour if anything. Prior to the pink, I was trying to get my hair to platinum blonde using Live XXL bleach, before that it had been blue since the summer time and before that was my natural blonde hair. I would definitely recommend giving this a go to remove unwanted hair colours, it can work on multiple layers of dye and on build-up. However, if you have bleached your hair recently, it may turn your hair gingery, if this is the case, you can dye straight after using the Colour B4 with a light ash blonde dye or similar. If you are wanting to remove blue, pink or any unnatural shades from your hair, the results can vary greatly with this product, but it may be worth the try!

If you have any question's, I will gladly answer them! I am not a professional (yet!) but I have done a lot of research and experiments with hair. Please feel free to chat and comment below! 

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