Wednesday, 21 May 2014

Introduction... of sorts.

Welcome, welcome!

What does one say in an introduction to their very first blog post? I don't know, so I'll tell you a little about myself to start with and we'll see how that goes, shall we?

My name is Janica (Jan-ee-sa... rhymes with pizza!) and I live in Ireland. I'm a ripe young age of 25, last time I checked, which is young but it feel's old when so many people are younger than me, ha ha! I paint and draw- though granted not as often as I should, I'm probably wasting my talent somewhat, but I'm trying to get more art done! I also read a lot, and play too much Xbox... but that's ok.

My hair. Where do I start with my hair? Unfortunately, it's currently blonde (thanks to Colour B4 removing the boring brown I had in it) and I find it SO boring! Pink is by far my favourite hair colour to have but it does take a lot of maintenance, though not as much as lilac or red. Watch this space though, it won't be long before I cave and dye it back to pink!

I am kind of obsessed with clothes- I certainly have more than I need and buy more than I can afford, but isn't that a woman's prerogative? I  LO-O-O-OOVE Penney's! (Or Primark to anyone outside of Ireland) And if I could, I would buy something in there every day of the week...

My hopes for this blog are to keep a colourful record of my clothing purchases and hair adventures, hopefully to brighten up someone's day or give people idea's for hair colours and give them that little push if they want to dye their hair a crazy colour but just don't feel confident enough.

Join me! And together we shall explore the realms of clothes, hair, art and candy floss- amongst the craziness in between!


Let's get lost!
Follow me, I know the way! :D

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