Thursday, 22 May 2014 Review! [Edited 02/08/14]

So I ordered some stuff off 2 weeks ago, and it arrived last Friday. For those of you who don't know, DressLink is a (Korean? I think...) site that sells super dooper cheap clothes, shoes, bags and accessories for women and kids. I saw a YouTube video of a haul/ review on this site, went for a look and the rest of my morning was occupied by looking through all the gorgeous stuff on offer, and believe me, there is a lot!

Many of my Australian friends are massive fans of the "Blackmilk" clothing brand, who make high quality dresses, skirts etc of various different styles, sometimes following a TV or movie series (for example, Game of Thrones and Harry Potter) or just in tartan, stripey etc patterns. However, being the type of girl who tends to prefer quantity over quality when it comes to clothes, this brand is too pricey for me, even if the clothes are beautiful and the quality is amazing. So, I ordered some replica‘s of Blackmilk‘s dresses from Dresslink for €6.31 each and they did not disappoint! 

The quality isn't phenomenal, but they wont fall apart, the fabric is good, the colours are super vibrant and the stitching is perfect! They feel like that silk you might get a pair of patterned leggings in, or sort of like a bikini- smooth and shiny! Lovely, in other words. However, I wore the Alice in Wonderland dress on Saturday and I noticed when I got home that one part at the front (perhaps where my shoulder bag had rubbed off it throughout the day) had gotten a tiny bit bobbly. Maybe this had been there before or maybe it was a once off, only time will tell. Although, I got a pair of leggings from last year, same fabric but much more expensive and they did the same thing after a couple of wears!

I also got a lovely jumper, which I haven't worn yet, but is also good quality (again, €6.85 I think). The only flaw with this was that the lace on the shoulders was sewn on top of the fabric instead of underneath and it has some slightly unsightly edges to it, but these could be sorted with a scissors. The material in this wasn't quite as good either- its a little bit thin. 

Shipping ranged from €1~ up, depending on weight and whether you want ChinaPost, tracking or a courier (3 courier‘s to choose from if memory serves me correctly.) I paid €11.45 for FedEx 3-5days shipping. Dresslink emailed me when they'd sent my order to the courier, that was Wednesday. It arrived Friday, 9 days later (11 days after my order date.) So FedEx really messed that one up! The tracking on their site said estimated delivery was the Wednesday a week from when it left. Also, according to tracking, the package visited the same depot in Germany twice, going to Sweden in between... no idea why! When I tried to contact FedEx to see why my parcel was taking so long, their reply was that I had contacted the wrong department and they offered no advice on where I should contact... but thats a story for another day.

All in all, I would definitely recommend (maybe not FedEx) they even give you discount codes for even more savings! And they literally have clothes to suit everyones tastes! One thing I will recommend is to read reviews on individual items before ordering them, sizing can come up a bit small on this site and many reviews recommend ordering a size up. This seems especially true for shoes. These items fitted me perfectly though, I am a dress size 8-10 and they're stretchy too!

Go on, give it a go :)

Edit: 2/08/14

A friend in Australia ordered from Dresslink after my recommendation, however, her story didn't go as well as mine. I feel it is only fair to inform you about this and let you make your own mind up after hearing it. Here is a summary of what happened, in her own words:

I ordered a swim, two dresses and two shirts, I received the swim, one dress and one shirt two weeks after ordering. The shirt was entirely the wrong size, at least 3 sizes smaller than advertised, the swim didn't fit, but I expected that. The dress was good. Didn't receive the other shirt or dress.
After weeks of emails asking for my items I got a response around 40 days after payment. Got an apology, my items weren't in stock now. They offered a refund. I accepted. They asked if I wanted a store credit or Paypal refund. I said PayPal refund. They sent another email in response asking me to specify what refund option I wanted. I, again, said paypal. Heard nothing again. Got no refund." So, after emailing them numerous times (I'm talking, at least 10 emails to them!) when half of her order arrived, they eventually replied, offering a refund that she accepted, but she never got. Her money was wasted and all she has to show for it is a wrong sized shirt, a tiny swimsuit and only a dress that fits. Which is outrageous and has honestly tainted my view of this site. It has made me very wary of ordering from them again. As for my strong recommendation to you, the reader, to order from them, here you have both a very good experience with them and a horrible one, so now, it is your own decision from here as to whether to go for it or not. I am sorry to have to report this bad experience, but I feel it is only right to tell you the bad along with the good. Has anyone else had any good or bad experiences with Let the world know in the comments below and help others decide!

*Disclaimer: No, I do not have any affiliations with, Romwe or FedEx, and opinions expressed in this review are just my opinion based on my own personal experiences.


  1. Hmmm I keep wondering wether I should buy these or not! They look even better here so I guess I will haha!

    1. You could just get 1 if you're still wary, just to see for yourself? I would definitely recommend them though! I would imagine you'd get quite a few wears out of them <3