Sunday, 5 October 2014

Dr. Martens, they need no further introduction!

I did it, I bought another pair of Dr. Martens. This time, I paid full price (the 14-eye Lilac one's I have I was lucky enough to get on sale for €58!) Well, I say full price, I did get the 10% student discount. 

I bought them in the ever-faithful Schuh Store in Limerick City Centre. The full price was €130 and I got them for €117. They're ever so nice in there- I spent a good half hour there trying to decide between the black and the cherry red one's (having spent month's previous agonising over the decision too) and they never once made me feel like I should hurry up. On the contrary, they tried to help me decide by telling me about their 365 change of mind thingy, where if you haven't worn them and decide you've made the wrong choice, you can bring them back with no fuss.

The Cherry Red one's are SO beautiful, easily the prettier choice;

Picture from:

But the black one's are the more sensible choice- they go with everything, I can wear them to work and I do find myself thinking I can't wear my Lilac one's sometimes because they "won't match" or "won't look right!" So I went for the safer option and got the black one's.

My lilac pair, with ribbon laces from the Dr. Martens site for €4

The only issue I met was the size, I was 99% sure (there always that 1% where I second guess myself!) that my pair at home were a UK size 5- my usual size- but the UK size 5 in the 1460's were too big on me, they even LOOKED way too big! So I had to get a size down, size 4. When I got home and held up the soles of the old and new pair together, they were the same, but the old one's are size 5 and the new one's are size 4?? Perhaps it's down to one being made in Thailand (Lilac pair) and the other made in Vietnam! Either way, if you're planning on buying a pair, be sure to bear this in mind, try them on and don't go by the size on the tag!

Dr. Martens are notorious for being a pain (literally) for breaking in, but I've been wearing mine around the house for 2 day's now and they seem fine! A bit of the tongue hurts when putting my foot in but so far that's the sum total of breaking in issues. We'll see what happens on their first day out though...

Anyway, happy days for me! I saved up for weeks with the idea of getting these and I've been planning on buying them for months so to finally have them in my loving arms is a great feeling. The link to them on the site is here.

I shall leave you with a few pictures of the new addition's to the family. Aren't they adorable? And not a bit camera shy...

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