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So I know I may have said when I started stretching my ears that I was only going to 8mm or 0g... I lied... I went to 00g. But that's it! No more! I'm staying at this size!... I am!
Don't look at me like that...

Anyway, I went looking for some steel tunnels for my final size and came across, where all the plugs are not only beautiful, but only £2.19 for the picture one's and less for others. So I ordered 4 pairs of picture, screw-fit plugs and 1 pair of double flared plugs (I normally won't get double flare's because I couldn't get them in before but I'm going to try again.) Of course, they have steel tunnels, what I originally wanted, but in my excitement, I forgot to order some. Go me!...

They are SO pretty!!! I'm in love.
Top to bottom: Anchor & Bird Screw Fit Acrylic Plug. Link  
Owl With Lantern Screw Fit Acrylic Plug. Link
Anchor & Flower Screw Fit Acrylic Plug. Link
Retro Batman & Robin Screw Fit Acrylic PlugLink
Skeleton Silver Rose Acrylic Double Flared Flesh Plug. Link

I ordered them on a Thursday and they arrived the following Friday, having been shipped on Saturday. So it took 6 working days. Also, postage was free as I ordered over £17.50 worth of stuff.

I will definitely be ordering from them again. The plugs are beautiful, the colours are incredibly vibrant and the prices are fantastic! My only complaint is that the Batman and the Owl image's are hard to make out, due to the size of the plug. I think the images are just a little too busy for the size. But I don't mind, all that matters is that I know I have Batman on my plugs :D 
Disclaimer: I paid for these myself, I am in no way endorsed by ShutThePlugUp. I just made a great purchase that I wanted to share.
Thanks for reading! <3 

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