Sunday, 17 August 2014

New Items and Good News...

Hi everybody! I know it's been an awful quiet couple of weeks here at Cotton Candy Hair, but I have a good excuse, promise! If you follow me on Instagram then you probably already know, but I am now a Trainee Hairdresser (YAY!!!) so all that spare time I used to have? It's now gone- Poof. I'm up at 6:45a.m. every morning and not back til 4:30p.m. when I then have to do some revision from the day, do some exercise and then try to regain my energy and before I know it, it's bedtime again... I have an underactive thyroid so the early starts are proving difficult for me and I think it's harder for me to adjust than it would be for your average Joe. However, I am finally getting my career on the right path and loving every second of it so all complaints can be ignored :D 

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Anyway, I'm here to tell you about some stuff I've gotten over the last few weeks. I had to invest in some new clothes, I seem to only have Band T-shirts and funny tops instead of some formal tops I can wear for work, so that had to be rectified. Also, we have to wear shoes that protect the top of our feet (in case we drop a scissors on them...!) and that are comfy for standing all day, so new shoes were also on the list. I did want to get the Memory Foam Sketcher's shoes, but they're SO expensive! I also picked up some hair accessories that I wanted so my hair can be a little more "hairdresser-y" for work and not it's usual, pink but still a bit un-remarkable self. 

So let's get started shall we? First up, we'll take a look at the new shoes! I was in TK Maxx the other day and spotted a pair of Rocket Dog's boot's. I got a brown pair in there last year that I wore practically every day until it got warmer and I had to graduate to something my feet could breathe in, so I knew they would be comfortable for all day standing. They're a military style, black lace-up boot and were €46.99, which I did think was a little too much to pay but if I'm going to be wearing them all day, every day then I guess they're worth it.

May I present, The Rocket Dog's!!!

Next, let's look at the tops I got. We're eventually getting tunic's, but at the moment we just need to look neat and tidy, so I went to Penneys (Primark) and got 2 tshirt tops and a shirt. The first is a paint splatter effect, see-through long sleeved top, which looks beautiful. This was just €9! (I think Penneys has gotten a little cheaper?) The next is a white shirt with mint green hearts all over it, which was cut down from €10 to €5. I also got a black top with black and white flowers on the front, but that's in the wash so I will include a photo in the near future. That was also cut down to €5. And I may as well throw in the Kimono I got last month too- that was €13 and of course, the weather got colder as soon as I bought it so I've only gotten to wear it once *sad face*


Speaking of buying items and then the weather getting chillier... I also got this one piece in TK Maxx last month too, it was €12.99 and I haven't had a chance to wear it at all yet! It's beautiful though and will be perfect for that heat wave we're supposed to be getting at the end of August! *fingers crossed!*

I also had to invest in a new pair of dark trousers. I'm not 100% sure if these are black or grey, or just a very dark grey, but they're really comfy so should be great for work. I got these in TK Maxx, along with those awesome Rocket Dog's. They were €12.99. RRP €43.99...

With regard to accessories, I decided to try out the Tangle Teezer brush that everyone is raving about. I picked the purple and pink one (I would have gone for green and pink, but there was none there at the time) and I got it in Sally's Salon Services the day I applied for (and got) my Sally's Trade card! Which was a very happy day for me, I felt like I was finally living my dream and becoming a Hairdresser! The brush was €13.50 or something very close to that. I have tried it out once or twice and it did take a massive tangle out of my hair with little to no effort! So thus far, I'm quite impressed by it. 

Finally, some pound shop sponge rollers (€1) so I can have heat-free curls, a hairnet from Boots so I can sleep in said rollers (€1.49) a gorgeous red rose hairband (€2) and some cute hair bobbin's from Penneys (€2 and €3) and a couple of necklace's from my local Saturday market for €4 each. 

I hope you enjoyed this post! It feel's so good to finally be getting my life started and I'm happy that I'm so busy, but I will make an effort to keep this blog going. Sometimes I can't think of something that I think you will all enjoy, so any ideas for future posts are appreciated! Once I've learned more, I plan to share any tip's and tricks of the trade that I learn with you, so keep an eye out for that! For now however, I will carry on learning and sharing any beautiful new purchases I am lucky enough to make!

Thank you so much for reading and enjoy your day/ evening/ night! Feel free to share any thoughts you have on this post, or any tip's you have for getting up early ;) 

Much love xxx

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